June 22, 2018



The pressure on secondary schools is at an all-time high. The Department for Education projects that the number of pupils in the state school system will increase from about 7.4 million to about 8.1 million by 2025. These children will need access to schools with adequate facilities to cater to their educational and developmental needs.

According to Academy Today, the additional 435,646 pupils that will be joining the secondary school system in 2020 will necessitate the creation of over 14,500 additional secondary school classrooms across the UK.

The Secondary School Places Challenge report claims that the demand for more secondary school classrooms equates to building 400 brand new 1,050 pupil secondary schools.

Unfortunately, this is not a realistic prospect in the current climate, with educational funding being cut and development times unable to meet these deadlines. Part of the problem lies in the length of time it takes to secure planning permission for new schools. With a lack of time and space, headteachers, governors and everyone responsible for fostering a productive learning environment for secondary school students are looking for alternative solutions.

So is there an alternative to building new schools and additional classrooms in secondary schools?

A modular solution to secondary school classrooms

There are several key factors that need to remain core to decision-makers. The solution to the shortfall of secondary school classrooms would need to include an integrated, creative design, which is conducive to learning, and ones that are both affordable and future-proof. Using the latest construction techniques such as modular building and offsite construction can bring additional space to schools which meets all of the above criteria.

Indeed, the Department of Education advocates offsite and modular construction, deeming it as offering “clear timescales for delivery, flexibility and certainty of cost for both school extensions and new schools.” 

Modular secondary school classrooms enable affordable adjustments and enhancements to be made to a schools’ existing infrastructure to provide more space and facilities, without dramatically interrupting student experience or investing in large-scale construction. The solution can extend beyond the classroom too, offering additional space for dining, or to outdoor social areas. The other key advantage is that there are no limitations. Modular extensions can be added as needed, depending on a school’s growth, making them scalable and flexible.

The Streetspace solution to secondary school classrooms

Here at Streetspace, we have successfully installed a number of extensions to schools across the UK, enabling them to utilise the space they already have for functional and enriching learning experiences. We offer modular designs from tensile structures to glazed extensions which can be affordably built in outdoor space with minimal disruption. Our designs provide additional dining and social spaces which are often required as a direct result of building more secondary school classrooms.

Our structures offer a sustainable and effective solution to timetabling issues and lack of classroom space, as well as foster more dynamic learning styles.

With a period of significant growth approaching for secondary schools, and the summer holidays just around the corner, now is the time to begin planning for the new school year, so you can ensure every student has the space, facilities and support they need to learn and flourish.

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