School Canopies

Outdoor spaces that encourage the wellbeing, learning, and play of students impact positively on the overall morale of a school. School canopies are an option worth pursuing when there is a desire to maximise outdoor space for year-round use and to create functional multi-purpose areas. Educational institutions will have varying requirements in terms of structure, purpose, and aesthetic design which is why Streetspace offer comprehensive packages that deliver practical long-term solutions.

The need for socially distanced dining spaces and walkways has highlighted a demand for covered areas that protect students from unpredictable weather. Congested hallways and over full classrooms are issues commonly faced by the education sector and canopies can help alleviate these pressures.

Streetspace work cooperatively to produce covered space solutions for the education sector that optimise both visual and operational requirements, maximising the use of outdoor facilities for both students and teachers.
What our clients say…

“We chose Streetspace because of their excellent reputation and the outstanding design proposals.”
Kath Chard – Business Manager,
Midhurst Rother College

“The new canopy has proved a great success with both students and staff at the Academy. We are really pleased with the result.”
Helen Chamberlain – Finance & Resources Director, Isaac Newton Academy

“We have been delighted with the insightful but flexible design process and the speed and efficiency of each installation phase for this complex canopy project.”

David Patterson – School Business Manager, Queensmead School

The Benefits of School Canopies

Canopies provide flexibility for schools in terms of expansion, helping alleviate issues surrounding lack of space, overcrowding, and overflow capacity. The installation of a school canopy can maximise outdoor space for wet weather use and provide students with a sheltered area for play during breaktimes.

Expanding outdoor covered space also means that areas can become multifunctional offering a multitude of new purposes. School canopies offer protection to students all year round and can reduce the pressure on school corridors during wet weather to ensure popular walking routes and classrooms are not congested. Many schools face a growing student intake which requires an expansion of facilities. Maximising outdoor space with the use of shelters can alleviate concerns with overcrowding. Canopies for schools provide benefits to student wellbeing, improving health outcomes for those who have the access to outdoor space year-round, without the issue of weather-dependent play.

Tensile fabric structures reduce the echo of voices and the sound of rain through the fabric’s absorbent qualities. The diffused light transmission through the canopy reduces glare and also eliminates the need for external lighting during the day – a further cost-efficient factor. This type of canopy has a single piece fabric membrane cover with no joins to attract dirt or moisture and is ideally suited to larger spans. The unobtrusive design form is often selected to contrast with existing architecture and our comprehensive design process can be used to assess the desired visual concept.

Polycarbonate canopies offer similar qualities in terms of light transmission and the same levels of UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The multiwall polycarbonate roof cladding can be specified to suit the particular application, offering exceptional durability with our proven aluminium glazing system and galvanised steel rainwater systems.

The canopy design and installation process can be adapted to suit the needs of each educational facility. Flexible construction schedules can be coordinated with school timetables to maintain a safe working environment at all times and ensure that students face minimal interruption to their studies.

Previous School Canopy Projects

Thomas Aveling School, Rochester

A courtyard redevelopment resolved issues the Thomas Aveling School in Rochester had regarding a lack of covered walking spaces. The buildings were spread over large areas and meant during wet weather; popular routes were becoming congested. In addition to this, the school did not have a dedicated dining space, and this again raised problems when there was wet weather. Four bespoke tensile canopies, including vertical infill panelling, created the much-needed additional space and maximised the capacity of outdoor areas.

Streetspace provided a full design and build package which included design, groundworks, surfacing, and electrical work. The area (1150m²) is surfaced with block paving and LED lights which allow the area to be utilised in the evenings. Façade mesh was implemented into the design which allows airflow to flow freely throughout the space.


New Hall School, Chelmsford

Catholic independent boarding and day school, New Hall School, needed a covered and well-ventilated space to give students space for play, break-out, student activities, and dining. Streetspace was chosen for its ability to provide bespoke design and construction capabilities. The new canopy structures have enhanced educational opportunities through supporting an increase in outdoor learning and the benefits of this on mental and physical wellbeing.

The ORION Triple Barrel Vault Canopy provides 660m² of cover and is effective in providing a multi-use area for teaching, play, and events. The design of the Triple Barrel Vault ensures that the maximum height of the structure is kept in line with the school’s current architecture.

In addition to this, Streetspace also installed a second ORION Tensile Membrane Canopy with a Triple Barrel Vault design to create a sheltered performance and recreational area. The structure is 42m in width and 22m in length covering a total of 920m² with synthetic turf lining the inside. Two smaller TRITON Mono Canopies further provide a 4.5m cover alongside 40m of classrooms.


Nottingham High School, Nottingham

Nottingham High School provides independent co-education day school for 4 to 18-year-olds. The school aimed to create a new social area that would give students a space to meet, relax and eat lunch together. The structure needed to be both functional, in providing shelter during extreme heat and protection from the rain, as well as work cohesively as a focal point in terms of design.

Planning permission was key for this school as the building is Grade II listed. Additionally, the building is also visible from the main road which meant that careful consideration was required to not obstruct the view of the school as planning terms dictated that the canopy should look open. With the requirements in mind, the Streetspace team were able to meet the needs of Nottingham High School in terms of the strict planning requirements and visual design features by the school’s deadline.


The Skinners’ School, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Skinners’ Kent Academy required an all-weather cover for their curved amphitheatre. Streetspace chose to work alongside architects in the early stages of the project to ensure that the ORION Bespoke Amphitheatre Canopy (190m2) enhanced the current space and increased functionality.

The project initially set out that shade fabric should be used which was favourable in presenting no issues regarding engineering, but this was changed when it was highlighted that the structure should be all-weather proof. This meant that the canopy dimensions needed to be fine-tuned until the unique Streetspace ORION hypar bracing system could be effectively utilised.

School Canopy Prices & Funding

Streetspace offer bespoke packages to suit the varying requirements for new outdoor covered space in the education sector. Canopies for schools are capital investments that offer permanent solutions for maximising outdoor space. Our consultation, design, and installation process enable us to understand your vision and from that, we can create the ideal solution.

Support and advice are available throughout the design and construction process to ensure that all the necessary characteristics of the canopy project meet your expectations. The structure design is tailored exclusively for each project by our in-house design team, providing CGI images of the prospective canopy in location using CAD technology. Our project consultants work closely with our clients to provide a personalised planning process that helps you develop your vision and deliver the best outcome for the investment.

Many of our school canopy projects have a requirement for groundworks to be carried out and as a minimum this will include the foundations and rainwater drainage. Streetspace can undertake associated civil engineering works and surfacing from tarmac to synthetic grass surfaces.

The best way to find the canopy solution for your school and at a budget to match is to get in touch with our project consultants. They will listen to your brief and talk you through the various options, providing you with outline costings to establish initial budgets. Detailed quotations can then be provided once all necessary information has been established.

Streetspace can advise and support clients in the education sector who are thinking of applying for grants and funding applications. Our dedicated project consultants can provide free advice on a number of costed options through the generous history of builds we have facilitated previously for school improvement projects.

Grants and funding for canopy projects in the education sector can be researched via our dedicated school funding & grants guide.

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