Underground Refuse Systems

metroSTOR URF (Available From August 2021)

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metroSTOR URF is an underground refuse system designed to meet a broad range of operational requirements for mass waste collection, building on the proven durability of our above ground waste and recycling storage systems. Easy to use waste disposal terminals manufactured with hands free operation as standard and can be fitted with RFID access control and fill level sensors on the container for more efficient operation. The sleek, coordinated aesthetic of metroSTOR URF terminals are designed for low impact on the street scene.

A fully underground system with multiple chamber, container and terminal options, metroSTOR URF can be configured to suit a broad spectrum of waste collection regimes, from large developments with high capacity containers, to tighter sites where small segmented units allow the use of smaller lifting equipment. Semi underground refuse systems are also available.

metroSTOR URF underground waste storage systems are designed around a sealed precast concrete chamber set into the ground. Within this a galvanised steel frame locates the waste containers and incorporates safety doors that cover the chamber when the waste container is removed for emptying and maintenance.

Refuse containers are available in three formats, consisting of quarter and half size containers that can be combined in a single chamber for separating waste streams, and full size containers that fill a whole chamber for large sites that require high waste capacities. The low height waste terminals are available to suit bagged or non-bagged recyclables and waste, with signage to help users differentiate correctly.

We are proud to be working with the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) under the URS Framework to supply a trusted solution for storing refuse underground and reducing the carbon footprint of waste collection.

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