Two-Tier Cycle Racks


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CENTAUR T2 two-tier cycle racks are designed to achieve the maximum number of cycles stored per square metre, with seven fitting into just 6.6m2! Two-tier cycle racks are specified for use in internal cycle storage rooms, external cycle storage buildings, cycle shelters and canopies, in locations such as public transport terminals, inner-city offices, hospitals and universities where large numbers of cycles need to be stored and the available footprint is a significant constraint.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Streetspace, the CENTAUR T2 is constructed around an immensely strong fully-welded steel chassis which also forms the support frame for the upper tiers. Galvanised steel wheel trays provide accurate tracking for each cycle with both wheel wells formed in the tray and end constraint bars holding the cycle secure. Integral locking frames enable different cycle sizes to be secured reliably. CENTAUR T2 is designed with an integral gas-assist lift to each upper tier tray as standard.

CAD models of CENTAUR T2 two-tier cycle racks assist with the design evaluation process ensuring adequate space is available within the height of the enclosure and the depth to load and unload cycles from the racks. Cycle storage hub buildings and shelters designed specifically to accommodate two-tiered racks are available from Streetspace and metroSTOR brand products.

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