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metroSTOR B-Series

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metroSTOR B-Series Recycling Bin Enclosures define on street recycling locations with the form, function and robust build for today’s urban environment.

Designed to secure wheeled bin containers uniformly in position with user access controlled, metroSTOR B-Series Bin Enclosures increase recycling at source, reducing contamination of waste streams and over presentation issues, while adding urban style to the street scene. Where communal bins are used in crowded residential streets, parking areas, or on streets, metroSTOR B-Series enclosures ensure bin containers are always accessible for bin crews and users, where they can otherwise be pushed or blown into parked cars, or blocked in by vehicles.

metroSTOR B-Series units are a modular product system, specifiable for location, collection regime and user profile.  Full height end frames highlight the recycling hub, stylish infill panels provide branding and signage opportunities, lockable enclosure frames address fire risks associated with unsecured bins, and lid restrictor bars prevent bins being used for bulky waste where bin containers are situated in the public realm

Ensuring the user interface with the correct recycling container is as easy as possible, metroSTOR B-Series Enclosures control access to the bin container either by restricting opening size or through the top opening lid that can be specified with RFID controlled access and integral apertures specific to waste stream type. Colour coordination of external panels for recycling streams with strong graphics and visual pointers can be added.

Sustainable steel manufacture with fully welded modular frame components, multistage steel pre-treatment process, high specification colour coatings and precision engineered assemblies make for a long-term, reliable product system. The 3 year parts and labour warranty backed by metroSTOR nationwide site engineers ensure units can be maintained in service week in, week out.

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SBR Bin Corrals SB_Gallery Pics 1000x6802 SBR Bin Corrals SB_Gallery Pics 1000x6802

SBR Recycling Bin Enclosure

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SBE Recycling Bin Enclosure

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SBR Recycling Bin Enclosure

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