Mobility Scooter Charging Hubs


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metroSTOR PSH allows storage and charging of mobility scooters in a single standalone building, offering great value with configurable specifications for dimension, capacity, access and architectural finishes. There are a number of advantages to this type of unit where the space is available, including automated entry and opening systems and extra room for users to get on and off their mobility scooters under cover.

This highly flexible specification extends to a class leading choice of panel types including fire-resistant options, enabling metroSTOR PSH units to add a welcome architectural impact to a scheme in addition to fulfilling a vital storage function.

metroSTOR PSH structures are designed and manufactured in the UK by Streetspace under BS EN 9001:2015, BS EN 9001:2015 and BS EN 1090 accredited processes. Hot dip galvanised coating is standard with colour powder coat options. Each unit is supplied with fully tested, factory assembled electrical panels containing IP rated sockets for chargers and PIR activated LED interior lighting; external lighting can be added as an optional extra.

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Mobility scooters inside buildings can represent a serious fire risk. They are a potential source of ignition, they are highly combustible and if they are parked in hallways, they can be obstructing fire escapes. Many social landlords have banned scooters from being stored or charged inside residents’ flats or communal spaces to address fire risk assessment actions.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) have developed statutory guidance to reduce fire risk associated with mobility scooter battery charging and storage. The recommendation is that if a fire-resistant storage area cannot be created within a building, then secure storage with provision for charging should be provided at least six metres from dwellings.

Installing metroSTOR PSH mobility scooter charging hubs provides a solution to address this guidance. To reduce fire risk if units cannot be located outside of the six metre recommended distance due to site constraints, metroSTOR PSM units can be specified with fire-resistant wall and roof cladding options, with intumescent seals incorporated into the eaves detail.