Litter Bins

City3 Litter Bins (Available July 2021)

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City3 Outdoor Litter Bins from Streetspace help manage litter collection and recycling in public areas while affording a positive visual aesthetic. Manufactured from steel as the immensely strong and eminently sustainable base material for all Streetspace products, the contemporary design of City3 Litter Bins combines colour powder coating with finishing details in sustainably sourced timber.

With the circular economy central to Streetspace product design, we use steel from sustainable steelmaking processes that increase both the proportion of recycled content and use of renewable energy in production as the base material of choice and specify components that ensure the litter bin is end of life 100% recyclable.

Streetspace Litter Bins can be selected from a range of design models in open or semi-enclosed format and also as a housing for wheeled bin containers. Units can be specified with ground fixings either bolt down or cast in. All models are fitted with a galvanised steel liner and covered bin designs secure the container with a cam lock.

City3 Litter Bins can be selected to coordinate with a design series that includes seats, benches, tables and planters or specified as a standalone unit. Each design series shares a common aesthetic form, colour scheme and timber finishing detail.

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