Hypar Fabric Canopies

ORION Hypar Tensile Structure

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Utilising the hyperbolic paraboloid, ORION Hypar fabric canopies are probably the simplest of all tensile structures with a distinctive shape created when the diagonally opposite corners of a sail are raised. This ‘twist’ produces the hypar form, while opposing tension forces keep the canopy membrane tight across the span.

ORION Hypar fabric canopies use a PVC based waterproof architectural fabric manufactured with a PVDF self-cleaning top lacquering layer. These advanced fabrics have a 25 year design life, covered by a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 10 years, depending on specification.

Selecting an ORION Hypar fabric canopy is an opportunity to create a stunning feature at the same time as a structure that provides a good balance of shade and shelter. With a wide range of both neutral and bold fabric colours available and the option of radius posts for added interest, the design can be configured to fit in with both contemporary and traditional architectural styles.