Green Roof Storage Units

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metroSTOR Green Roof Storage Units enable valuable biodiversity to be introduced into urban environments without the complexity of design and construction processes associated with a bespoke build. Green roof benefits are both aesthetic and environmental; reducing the reflection from solid roof coverings such as steel, filtering of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutant gases from the air, and a habitat provided for bees, insects, and butterflies.

Two types of green roof can be specified on metroSTOR Green Roof Storage Units; sedum only or sedum and wildflower. Both are lightweight systems with a steel decking liner, EPDM membrane liner, composite drainage reservoir mat, the growing substrate and finally the pre-planted mat. The sedum only type used a mineral wool substrate, and a mixed sedum turf while the sedum and wildflower requires a greater depth of growing medium to support the wildflower species.

Green roof specification is central to metroSTOR products with eaves detail and rainwater systems designed and manufactured to provide a consistent, architectural aesthetic. Galvanised and colour powder coated finishes are available.

Both our standard build format inline storage units and storage buildings can be specified with green roofs, including the same options for panel cladding and access control types. Custom green roof storage buildings can also be designed and manufactured.