Green Roof Canopies

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Canopy type structures are ideally suited to support green roof systems, with the lower height and uncomplicated build, reducing construction and maintenance costs. Entrance canopies, classroom canopies, covered walkways and outdoor dining structures often have a significant visual impact and a green roof can help the canopy blend in, improving views from surrounding buildings and creating better environments with the introduction of biophilic design.

Green roof structures introduce valuable pockets of diversity with hundreds of plant and wildlife species can be established in a few square metres, reproducing varied ecosystems in areas where the habitat has been eroded by urbanisation.

Extensive green roofs have been found to reduce water run-off by up to 90%, depending on season and the prevailing ambient temperatures. The plants and soil retain a significant proportion of the rainwater, much of which is then released back into the atmosphere gradually through evapotranspiration. Peak flow from green roofs during storm conditions is also reduced as the rainwater filters slowly through the growing media and filter layers, mitigating the pressure on local surface water drainage systems.

There are two types of green roof specified on Streetspace canopy structures and these are sedum only or sedum and wildflower. Both are lightweight systems with a steel decking liner, EPDM membrane liner, composite drainage reservoir mat, the growing substrate and finally the pre-planted mat. The sedum only type used a mineral wool substrate, and a mixed sedum turf while the sedum and wildflower requires a greater depth of growing medium to support the wildflower species.

Green roof specification is well proven on Streetspace canopy design with supporting structure, eaves detail and rainwater systems manufactured to provide a consistent, architectural aesthetic. Timber clad, galvanised or colour powder coated finishes are available.


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Bespoke Green Roof Canopy - 3m x 7.5m - SW Timber Structure - Sedum / Wildflower Green Roof

Bespoke Green Roof Canopy - 9m x 6m - Steel Structure - Composite Liner - Sedum Green Roof

Bespoke Green Roof Canopy - 7m x 7m x 9m - SW Timber / Steel Structure - Sedum / Wildflower Green Roof