Green Roof Bin Stores

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Bin storage areas are often challenging environments for design, with limited options for genuine value added enhancement. The facilities are often synonymous with bad odours, litter and vermin which then become hotspots for antisocial behaviour.

Providing attractively designed bin housings that are easy to use and situated in accessible locations presents developers and waste management providers with opportunities to drive real improvement. External bin stores are ideally suited to support green roof systems, with the lower height and uncomplicated construction reducing build and ongoing maintenance costs.

A green roof will also absorb heat, helping to keep the interior of the store cool thereby slowing down the bacterial process and reducing unpleasant odours. Green roofs also retain rainfall, reducing the burden on sewerage systems.

Two types of green roof can be specified on metroSTOR Green Roof Bin Stores; sedum only or sedum and wildflower. Both are lightweight systems with a steel decking liner, EPDM membrane liner, composite drainage reservoir mat, the growing substrate and finally the pre-planted mat. The sedum only type used a mineral wool substrate, and a mixed sedum turf while the sedum and wildflower requires a greater depth of growing medium to support the wildflower species.