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metroSTOR H-Series is one of the most configurable design platforms for outdoor storage in the world, with over 120 pre-engineered unit designs. Within these unit designs, there are extensive unit configurations including cycle rack layouts, 9 cladding types, 3 access door sizes for multiple locations, 4 access control types and green roof specification availability. Bespoke Cycle Store dimensions and configurations along the same proven design platform are available.

External wall cladding panels available in glass, coloured steel, timber slat and coated security mesh in v-form or twin-wire types. Optional lightweight sedum or wildflower green roof with integrated liner, reservoir and growing medium. Access control options include app-based, electronic fob, mechanical keypad and key operated systems for multiple user access.

metroSTOR PCH Cycle Hubs are designed around a central aisle, twin-row cycle rack format, while the metroSTOR PCH Cycle Store is the side aisle, single row version. Both models accommodate cycle stand, semi-vertical or two-tier rack types.

metroSTOR PCH structures are designed and manufactured in the UK by Streetspace under BS EN 9001:2015, BS EN 9001:2015 and BS EN 1090 accredited processes. Hot dip galvanised coating is standard with colour powder coat options. Cycle stores can be specified at factory order certified to Sold Secure SS104 – Gold Specification for Mechanical Security Systems for Pedal Cycles.

Space planning from the metroSTOR team helps ensure cycle storage is optimised in the available footprint, with cycle racks and stands available for download as CAD blocks that include the required operational space, enabling areas designated for cycle parking to be scoped out within the CAD process.

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