Conic Fabric Canopies

ORION Conic Tensile Structure

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The high centre point design of ORION Conic tensile structures is a striking aesthetic form that creates a sense of spaciousness under the canopy, while the low perimeter provides great all-day cover without compromising weather or sun shade protection. An immensely strong single column support at the centre of each cone provides excellent usability within the covered area and a cable or fixed edge perimeter accommodates the canopy rainwater management.

Tensile structures have a flexible design aesthetic and form elegant structures with unique characteristics. During daylight hours, the translucency of the fabric creates spaces that are lit with perfectly diffused natural light. At night, the reflectivity of the membrane’s underside means fewer luminaires are required to light the space with reflected light, which also create an ambient exterior luminescence. Tensile structures also require less structural support than traditional roof coverings.

Tensile membrane structures are proven to be highly durable and long lasting, with structures installed in widely varying climates around the world. Fabric membranes comply with all relevant national regulations for fire resistance. ORION tensile structures use a PVC-based architectural fabric manufactured with a PVDF self-cleaning top lacquering layer. These advanced fabrics have a lifespan equal to alternative covering materials with a 25-year design life, covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty for up to 15 years dependent on specification.