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metroSTOR PBH Bin Rooms are an innovative modular design; offering class-leading product customisation and premium finishes at a competitive cost. Extensive product configurations are available for layout, dimension and position of access points. Highly durable steel framed panels can be specified with a number of different cladding types, finishes and roofing specifications with options for fascia details and green roof. Multiple dimension and layout options can be achieved in 600mm and 1200mm increments up to a maximum 6000mm width and 15200mm depth.

metroSTOR PBH Bin Rooms make for efficient use of available space, consolidating waste streams in a single neat recycling centre. metroSTOR PBH Bin Rooms structures are designed to be attractive and welcoming facilities that can be located in key circulation areas inviting use in places people feel safe.

The modular frame series creates external wall panels in standard and bespoke designs from recycled plastic slat, colour coated steel and slatted timber . Roof and associated eaves systems include biodiverse green roof specifications. Access control options include mechanical keypad and key operated systems. Site-wide coordination of outdoor storage units and street furniture is made easy to specify with a library of CAD blocks and BIM models available for download.

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Most waste materials ignite easily, burn fiercely and give off large volumes of noxious fumes. Within a communal housing environment this risk often presents itself where internal bin rooms or chutes are not adequately protected against fire and smoke. This can necessitate costly upgrades to achieve compliance and many landlords at this point consider changing to external storage, particularly as this also helps reduce the blockages and lack of recycling that frequently plague blocks fitted with chutes.

Fire risk is also commonly identified where the refuse storage provision has become inadequate due to current volumes of waste or a change to containerisation instead of sack collections, typically leading to unsecured bins outside dwellings and accumulations of side waste which are of course arson triggers in themselves.

To help combat waste and recycling bin fires, fire prevention organisations such as the FPA and CFPA-E recommend that bins should not be stored within six metres of any building opening such as doors, windows, ventilation ducts or exposed soffits and fascias. If this safety distance is impossible to achieve, they should be stored in a structure providing 30 minutes fire resistance and secured in place to prevent bins from being moved closer to the building.

To reduce fire risk if units cannot be located outside of the six metre recommended distance due to site constraints, metroSTOR PBH bin room buildings can be specified with fire-resistant wall and roof cladding options, with intumescent seals incorporated into the eaves detail.