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City3 Benches & Seating (Available July 2021)

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Streetspace manufactures the City3 range of street and park furniture, bringing creative, adaptable and sustainable design to the urban environment. City3 street furniture design series include litter bins, seats, benches, tables, planters and planters, with each design series sharing a common aesthetic form, colour scheme and finishing details.

All City3 outdoor benches and seats are UK manufactured from high quality steel and sustainably sourced timber. The use of steel as the immensely strong and sustainable base material for all Streetspace products, produced from sustainable steelmaking processes that increase both the proportion of recycled content and use of renewable energy in production together with a component specification that ensures these products end of life 100% recyclable underlines the commitment to a circular economy.

Streetspace’s design ready process provides CAD models, technical drawings, specification references and CGI renders for download, enabling architects and specifiers the freedom to be creative, while making street furniture package procurement easier for the contractor. Custom design capability accommodates specific architectural features, dimensions and shapes.

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