Barrel Vault Fabric Canopies

ORION Barrel Vault Tensile Structure

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ORION Barrel Vault tensile membrane canopies use clever engineering to create clear span covered space suitable for a wide variety of uses. The tall centre line creates a spacious feel under the canopy, and the soft membrane provides an ambient environment as well as absorbing the sound of rain, voices and echo to a greater extent than a hard roof covering such as polycarbonate or steel.

The flexible design aesthetic and distinctive elegant form of a tensile fabric canopy results from the characteristics unique to membrane tension. In daylight, fabric membrane translucency provides diffused, naturally lit spaces, while at night, artificial lighting can be used to create an ambient exterior luminescence. The lightweight nature of tensile membrane design requires less structural steel compared with conventional roof coverings, enabling clear spans of column-free space.

The durability and longevity of tensile membranes is well proven with fabric structures installed in widely varying climates. Tensile membranes comply with all relevant national regulations for fire resistance. The ORION Barrel Vault fabric canopy uses a PVC-based architectural fabric with a PVDF self-cleaning outer layer. These advanced fabrics have a lifespan equal to alternative covering materials with a 25-year design life, covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty for up to 15 years dependent on specification.

The versatility of ORION Barrel Vault canopies can be further enhanced with the addition of sides – glass, polycarbonate or mesh facade – lighting and heaters.