Playground Canopies

Playground canopies from Streetspace are available in a wide range of styles from structures spanning entire playgrounds to lean-to canopies alongside classrooms. The design team at Streetspace believe that great aesthetics and durability should be offered as standard, and canopies should be structures to be proud of rather than being merely functional. Our Project Consultants work with clients from the initial concept enquiry to find the most appropriate solution, including providing CGI images modelled in different colour schemes to help with the decision making process.

Monopitch Polycarbonate Canopies

With an all-steel frame and clean design, the TRITON Mono offers outstanding durability and affordability.

Symmetric Polycarbonate Canopies

The curved roof of a TRITON Maxx symmetric canopy offers great aesthetics and flexibility to achieve large clear span spaces. 

Asymmetric Polycarbonate Canopies

For canopies alongside classrooms, the asymmetric roof enables the new structure to blend seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Hypar Fabric Canopies

The classic ORION Hypar utilises a waterproof PVC tensile membrane, combining striking looks with a good balance of shade and shelter from the rain.

Hypar Shade Canopies

The most popular design of shade sail, the ORION Hypar Shade is constructed using high quality fittings and the highest quality shade mesh materials on the market.

Shield Fabric Canopies

The ORION Shield is a stunning tensile membrane design with just a single row of columns for versatile standalone covered learning areas.

Conic Fabric Canopies

The ORION Conic tensile membrane structures make an instant impact and can cover large spaces with minimal support columns.

Star Fabric Canopies

With a single central column and striking design, ORION Star canopies can be grouped together in playgrounds to great effect.

Barrel Vault Canopies

The barrel vault structure is capable of achieving wide clear spans capable of covering entire playgrounds.

Green Roof Canopies

WILD Green Roof canopies double up as a live demonstration to pupils of how green roofs benefit the environment and biodiversity.