Delivering Secure Cycle Storage for Queen Mary University of London

16 BIKE-S Street 6 modules each securing 6 cycles, provide 96 additional secure cycle parking spaces.

Creating safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods!

Throughout 2021 we worked within the Housing Sector to create safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods for those who live and work there.

Reducing the fire risk associated with storing and charging mobility scooters

Nigel Deacon talks us through providing safe spaces for storing and charging mobility scooters and reducing the risk of fire and harm to life.

Did You Know That Mobility Scooters Are A Fire Risk?

It's really important to provide a safe space for storing and charging mobility scooters in order to keep everybody in residential buildings safe.

London Council gets residents on side for a tricky project

Andrea Tidy, Caretaking and Concierge Manager, London Borough of Hounslow explains why effective resident communication was essential when closing refuse chutes.

Creating a cleaner and greener Borough by involving the community

Melvin Collins, Councillor for Brentford, explains the benefits of engaging local pupils in recycling initiatives in the community.

metroSTOR help deliver safer homes and a cleaner neighbourhood in Hounslow

Nigel Deacon, National Account Director at metroSTOR explains how the London Borough of Hounslow are investing in resident safety by closing refuse chutes to reduce fire risk in high rise buildings.

Improving recycling rates, reducing litter and lowering council tax bills on a London estate

Guy Lambert, Counsellor for Brentford Ward, discusses how installing metroSTOR bin stores transformed the Haverfield Estate in London.

Green roof systems introduce valuable pockets of biodiversity!

Specifying a green roof system on external storage is a great way to make a meaningful contribution to the biodiversity on your project with Hundreds of plant and wildlife species.

Helping reduce fire risk for councils and housing associations

Nigel Deacon, explains how external waste storage solutions can reduce the fire risk in social housing.

Green roof systems for external storage have never been easier!

As part of the regeneration of St Clement’s Hospital in London, metroSTOR installed green roof PCH Cycle Stores housing 266 cycles and PBH Bin storage buildings.

Easy to Specify with Allan Joyce Architects

Mike Harrison from Allan Joyce Architects discusses how specifying metroSTOR outdoor storage units saves time and money by avoiding the need to design bespoke bin and cycle stores on each project.

Safer, more efficient waste collection

Laurie Mancini, Waste and Recycling Officer at Northwards Housing explains how metroSTOR bin stores have resulted in cleaner streets and safer, more efficient waste collection on the Smithfield Estate in Manchester.

Wipe out fly-tipping

Tony Budgett, Caretaking Waste and Recycling Manager at Northwards Housing, tells us they wanted to tie in with the city council's green agenda, and how metroSTOR have helped his team tackle fly-tipping and increase recycling rates with residents.

Recycling rates soar with convenient facilities in place

Philip Crewe, Chairman of Smithfield Residents’ Group, explains how new metroSTOR waste and recycling bin stores, coupled with a simpler recycling message, have made all the difference on the Smithfield Estate in Manchester.

Recycling capacity increased, cleaner environment

Find out how metroSTOR have increased the recycling capacity on the Smithfield Estate in Manchester. Karen Corran, Secretary of Smithfield Residents’ Group, discusses the impact of our recycling bin stores and popularity with residents.