Mobility Scooter Storage & Charging

Compliant external mobility scooter stores configurable for capacity, layout, finishes, green roof and access control.

metroSTOR is the UK’s leading brand of external storage and charging units for mobility scooters, from single locker type to communal hub buildings. At metroSTOR, we are firmly of the belief that outdoor storage facilities do not need to be hidden from view, and our products are designed to complement the surrounding building fabric. 

With easy to configure specifications, metroSTOR mobility scooter stores offer great value, proven product strength, short lead times and a wide range of options for cladding, roof type and internal layouts.

Manufactured in the UK by Streetspace, metroSTOR mobility scooter stores are prewired for no-hassle site installation. Project delivery capability enables Streetspace to offer a full turnkey package including planning applications, groundworks and electrical works.

Mobility Scooter Charging Hubs

metroSTOR PSH is a communal hub for the compliant storage and charging of mobility scooters in a single accessible location. Standard unit sizes to accommodate from 2 scooters to 16, with configurable access systems, finishes, roof types and wall panels. 

Mobility Scooter Charging Units

metroSTOR PSM is the popular ‘drive-in’ unit, providing users with secure, easy-to-use storage and charging of their mobility scooter. Available in individual modules of up to 6 stores with configurable cladding, locking systems and roof types.

Mobility Scooter Charging Lockers

The low-profile design of the metroSTOR PSL minimises visual impact making it easy to incorporate into garden areas. Fitted with a powered roof for ease of use and designed to be relocatable as requirements change.