Streetspace manufacture one of the largest ranges of cycle storage products in the UK, with a line-up that spans cycle stands and racks to cycle lockers, shelters, stores and hub buildings.

Secure external cycle stores are an essential element of building design, ensuring that cycles do not have to be stored in living spaces or communal hallways due to inadequate storage facilities. metroSTOR cycle lockers, storage units, modules and hub buildings are all developed with the same class-leading configurability for product and specifications.

Recognising the opportunities for cycle storage units to contribute to the architectural elements of a scheme, metroSTOR frame design allows specifiers to select cladding and facade panels from a wide variety of standard designs with multiple options for customisation.

Sustainably sourced materials are used throughout the BS EN 14001:2015 accredited manufacturing process and metroSTOR products achieve close to 100% end of life recyclable value. Biodiversity is integral to metroSTOR products and green roof specifications are available for most models.

The prevention of cycle theft is a central to metroSTOR product design and our BIKE-S Cycle Lockers, PCH Cycle Stores and PCM Cycle Units can be ordered in Secure By Design specifications, accredited by Sold Secure.

With the increasing popularity of digitally enabled access to communal cycle storage facilities, metroSTOR products can be specified with two types of smartphone access control in addition to fob operated systems.

Cycle hub buildings

Cycle Hub Buildings

Based around the central aisle format, metroSTOR PCH Hubs optimise the number of cycles stored within the available footprint. PCHT versions are designed for the highly space efficient two-tier cycle rack.

Cycle stores

Cycle Stores

metroSTOR PCH is the design format for cycle stores with pre-engineered or bespoke layouts, configurable for both ground level and two-tier racks, access systems, frame finishes, roof type and wall panels.

Cycle storage modules

Cycle Storage Modules

metroSTOR BIKE-S cycle storage modules are designed for the street, unobtrusive in form with cladding panel options reducing visual impact. Integral wheel trays incorporate welded security locking points.

Modular cycle lockers

Modular Cycle Lockers

metroSTOR PCR combines security and ease of use with contemporary style. Integrated sliding door panels maintain a compact operational envelope and the low-profile design minimises visual impact.

Cycle storage units

Cycle Storage Units

metroSTOR PCM is a versatile, in-line cycle storage system with connected units enabling cycles to be housed either vertically, semi-vertically or level for the most efficient footprint utilisation.

Cycle shelters

Cycle Shelters

CENTAUR C-Series cycle shelters can be specified as semi enclosed CL, single row CS and double width CLS all with UV resistant and shatterproof acrylic glazing panels as standard.

Cycle racks

Cycle Racks

CENTAUR is a high-specification, durable range of cycle stands and racks from vertical hanger to two-tier versions. Products available both standalone and pre-engineered to fit Streetspace shelters, stores and hub buildings.

Cycle lockers

Cycle Lockers

metroSTOR PCL is the entry level cycle locker, providing cyclists with an individual external store that is both secure and easy to use. The full-width hinged door and integrated wheel tray enable cycles to be locked securely in an upright position.