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metroSTOR® is a brand of Streetspace, a respected and influential player in the urban structures sector, delivering a broad scope of architectural covered space projects throughout the UK. The Streetspace family is passionate about intelligent design for covered outdoor space. Our creative team has the knowledge, capability and enthusiasm to deliver the architectural, environmental and economic vision on your next project.

Our company ethos is all about “Total Project Delivery” providing our clients with a full service for covered space projects. We listen, support with professional advice, and deliver the best possible customer experience from initial enquiry through to handover and beyond. Managing the entire process in-house: from analysis and evaluation, initial architectural design and concepts, through planning and project management, to final build and close-out our team bring innovative solutions to life. Streetspace works with organisations and companies in a range of sectors, including education, sports, construction, retail, parks and visitor attractions, as well as providing services for architects and specifiers.

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Our Story

Refuse bin storage reinvented

Over the last five decades household waste volume has steadily increased due to the rise of disposable plastic packaging and the evolution of modern lifestyles. This has led to huge and disgraceful environmental impacts, such as landfill and the dumping of rubbish at sea.

During the 80s and 90s, Governments and society as a whole started to face up to the uncomfortable reality of this, and began to explore opportunities for reducing this waste. Multiple wheelie bins were issued to householders so they could separate out recyclables, and collection frequencies were reduced to encourage their use. But where were all these additional bins to be stored? This is when the term `bin-blight’ entered common use.

Around flats the problems multiplied themselves; poorly-designed or inaccessible bin storage areas inevitably led first to litter accumulation and then tended to attract fly-tipping. The money spent keeping some bin areas clean could feed most of the tenants of the block for a week. There were also frequent instances of bins being set on fire, whether accidentally or through arson. Waste bins burn very fiercely and give off large amounts of toxic smoke, so the consequences of this occurring outside dwellings frequently led to fatalities.

More recently, as markets for recyclable material have firmed up, it has become increasingly important that such streams are kept free of contamination if they are not to be rejected and end up in landfill, leading to a world-wide quest for solutions.

Safer, cleaner, greener

In 2013, the Streetspace team responded to a local Council’s request for assistance. They wanted a product that would secure bins at a safe distance from a dwelling, yet still allow residents to deposit bagged material. The first metroSTOR prototypes were built and installed in Kent and Essex.

They were challenging environments: the units got trashed, literally. We built them stronger, and they got trashed again. We kept increasing the strength of the components until the housings withstood everything that got thrown at them; then we knew we could keep every resident safe.

This has a massive impact on caretaking costs; because they were so easy to use, both residents and passers-by stopped leaving rubbish everywhere and actually started to take pride in their properties and neighbourhoods. As a result, customer complaints dropped dramatically, there were far fewer litter and vermin issues, and because bin stores were now attractive structures in their own right, they could be located in regularly-trafficked areas with less antisocial behaviour taking place.

Councils were also delighted that people living in flats were now keen to recycle properly, and contamination of recycling bins now had the potential to become a thing of the past; smelly bin chutes and internal bin rooms could now be banished forever.

Tough, configurable, neat

Over the years the metroSTOR brand has earned a reputation for rock-solid durability; with over 10,000 units installed across the length and breadth of the UK. The product range and a variety of options have been added steadily in response to client requests. Being mindful that a ‘one size fits all’ mantra was never going to work in such a varied environment, we have created the only genuinely dedicated bin enclosure range in the world.

Whilst the appearance of early models might be described as functional, the development of design-led models for the architectural sector is now proceeding apace with many exciting new products being launched. These include the long-anticipated metroSTOR QF; our 60-minute fire-rated enclosure, the UR-Series Underground Refuse System, FX- Model ‘Non-Touch’ Food Waste Containers and the S-Series architectural bin screens to name but a few.