With over 10,000 outdoor storage units installed across the UK, metroSTOR products are used to house waste and recycling containers, garden and household items, cycles and mobility scooters; reducing risk and unscheduled costs, while delivering social, economic and environmental value.

Fly-tipping, side waste, overfilled bins and contaminated recycling are often costly problems to deal with. In addition to cost, these issues often discourage residents from using bin containers as intended; creating a downward spiral where side waste leads to non-resident fly-tipping and the waste collection areas become hotspots for antisocial behaviour.

metroSTOR waste and recycling storage products are developed to tackle this cycle and our safer, cleaner, greener, design methodology is underpinned with ease of use as the primary consideration. From waste container housings and enclosures to bin rooms and underground refuse systems, metroSTOR solutions help reduce fire risk and waste disposal costs, while increasing recycling rates and improving neighbourhoods.

metroSTOR products increase recycling in communities by making it easy for residents; they can readily identify the correct recyclables container, stream-specific apertures restrict waste items that can be placed in the container, there is no requirement to open the container lid and by the units are located where they can readily accessed.

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metroSTOR clean aesthetic design enables outdoor storage units to be located where they will be used most effectively, not hidden out of sight. Whether these are bin stores, cycle stores, mobility scooter charging or garden storage units, a wide choice of panel cladding including bespoke design options, coloured frame finishes and green roof options are available.

The storage of cycles, pushchairs and other bulky household items away from communal hallways, stairwells and access points is an essential requirement of many Fire Risk Assessments, with mobility scooter storage and charging either indoors or close to building openings presenting an even greater fire risk. metroSTOR external storage units are designed to make the outdoor storage of these daily use items as easy and safe as possible for residents.

metroSTOR cycle storage products include cycle lockers, garden cycle lockers, linear cycle units, street modules and cycle hub buildings, configurable for capacity, layout, cladding and finishes with security and accessibility options including smartphone enabled access control.

City3 street furniture products include litter bins, seating and planters designed specifically for tough, urban environments with customisation options for coordinated design aesthetic with metroSTOR outdoor storage units.

metroSTOR PTH Storage Lockers, Wealden Housing, Hailsham, W Sussex

metroSTOR PBME Bin Enclosures, Cardiff Waterfront, Cardiff, S Wales

metroSTOR PSM Mobility Scooter Stores, The Riverside Group, Margate, Kent