March 22, 2021

Ensuring that there is a good supply of fresh air in classrooms, dining halls and sports halls is a valuable resource in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, and one that is often overlooked.

A recent BBC article explains the importance of a good supply of fresh air; “air matters because if someone is infected they’ll release tiny virus particles called aerosols, which can accumulate and then be inhaled by others.” Poorly ventilated spaces can become extremely hazardous without good ventilation, putting both staff and students at risk.

While opening windows may be the obvious solution, this isn’t always practical.

One solution is to install canopies to create covered outside spaces for break times, teaching, PE, performances, music and even assemblies, so teachers and pupils can spend more of the school day outside in the fresh air. Dr Shelly Miller, a specialist in air quality at the University of Colorado in Boulder, suggests that if schools cut “the time indoors from two-and-half-hours to 30 minutes you would drop the risk of exposure to transmission from 87% to 10%.” This reduces the chances of air becoming comminated and significantly limits the exposure risk.

Image: Taurus Glulam Timber Canopy at Gumley House Convent School


Creating inspiring covered spaces encourages students to choose to spend their break times outside, keeping them dry as well as protecting them from harmful UV rays in the summer. Underutilised space between buildings can be transformed cost-effectively into vibrant hubs for social space, outdoor learning and play. Existing sports courts can be covered to provide healthy playing environments, usable every day of the year.

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