Fabric Canopies

Fabric canopies are a cost-effective means of creating covered outdoor space, while also featuring superb architectural aesthetics. Over the years, Streetspace has developed a range of standard fabric canopy designs that enable a wide range of users to experience the benefits of tensile membrane structures in a complete, hassle-free package from a single source. Fabric canopies have a lifespan comparable to polycarbonate roof structures, and blend perfectly into both traditional and modern architectural environments.

Hypar Fabric Canopies

The classic architectural membrane design that utilises a waterproof PVC tensile membrane, the ORION Hypar combines striking looks with a good balance of shade and shelter.

Hypar Shade Canopies

The most popular design of shade sail, the ORION Hypar Shade is constructed using high quality fittings and the highest quality shade mesh materials on the market.

Shield Fabric Canopies

The ORION Shield is a stunning tensile membrane design creating large covered areas with just a single row of columns. The form complements both modern and classic architectural settings.

Conic Fabric Canopies

ORION Conic tensile membrane structures have an instant impact on any space where they are installed and can cover large spaces with minimal support columns. 

Star Fabric Canopies

The ORION Star is an innovative twist on the classic architectural tensile form. The single central column reduces obstructions and enables positioning close to buildings if required.

Barrel Vault Canopies

The ORION Barrel Vault structure with its high centre line has a spacious feel, and is capable of achieving wide clear spans making it suitable for a wide range of uses.