Traditionally, universities have used indoor and outdoor spaces to serve distinct functions. Indoor spaces were typically reserved for focused learning while outdoor spaces have been dedicated to socialising and downtime. However, there has been a shift in how universities are making use of outdoor areas with a greater emphasis on designing flexible learning environments that encourage students to spend more time both studying and interacting outdoors. An innovative campus environment not only helps to attract new students but also eases the transition into university life.

What Are the Benefits of University Canopies?

University Canopies - University canopy

With large numbers of students, staff and visitors on campus, the alleviation of overcrowding in popular areas can be challenging for Universities. Well designed canopy structures offer permanent solutions to these issues, providing year-round protection from both inclement weather and harmful UV rays.

With study deadlines and exams revision timetables, university can be a challenging time for students. Progressive learning spaces are vital to maintaining wellbeing and creative outdoor areas can significantly enhance the personal and social aspects of a students’ learning experience as well as helping reduce stress.

In addition to students; teaching staff, university clubs and societies can benefit from dynamic covered outdoor spaces. With the potential to host a variety of activities throughout the day from early morning fitness classes, afternoon debating sessions and evening performances, outdoor canopy areas can help foster a valuable sense of community among teaching staff and students.

The physical environment of a university campus is often a key consideration for prospective students and architecturally designed canopy structures can enhance both the visual aesthetic and a sense of place, helping secure subsequent intakes.

Why Work With Streetspace for Your University Canopy Project?

Outdoor Classrooms - Outdoor Classroom at New Hall School

Streetspace design capability draws on a many years experience in public open space projects, delivering landmark structures. Off site manufacture and our resourceful project management team enable these complex projects to be delivered within the constraints of holiday timeframes.

Working in collaboration with the client team, Streetspace project consultants evaluate the existing brief, key project deliverables and any potential constraints to arrive at a shortlist of canopy solutions. Once a solution has been chosen, our Project Consultants will often develop a series of CGI visualisations of the new canopy within the selected location to aid the decision making process.
This will typically include the scope of works, budgetary considerations and a proposed timeframe. We can then advise the best course of action and provide different options as well as consider potential restrictions, such as access or planning considerations.

If your university project requires associated external works and landscape enhancements, such as surfacing and drainage, Streetspace’s single-source procurement and project management capabilities can reduce the burden on your institution. The requirement to coordinate with different contractors is removed therefore ensuring single-point accountability for successful project delivery.

Do you need planning permission for University Canopies?

University Canopies - University canopy

University canopies are considered buildings under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. In some cases, planning permission might not be required, but we recommend that universities speak to their local authority for confirmation before any work is carried out to ensure compliance.
For more information on planning permission and how Streetspace can help you with your application when specifying our canopies, please visit our dedicated Planning Permission page.




How Much Do University Canopies Cost?

School Canopy at Midhurst Rother College

Our dedicated Project Consultants can help deliver the university canopy solution that suits your requirements. We work alongside the project brief to establish preliminary budget costs across a selection of canopy options.

Each of our canopy projects is bespoke due to the specifics of each site, but we can usually advise guide costs from an early stage to help guide your selection process. We will then take into account more detailed factors such as column layout, site access, service restrictions, building interface and any enabling works, such as drainage and surfacing, that you may be considering.

Many factors influence the cost of our canopies and our Project Consultants will be more than happy to discuss these further with you.



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