December 1, 2021

The pandemic made New Hall School’s need for covered, well-ventilated space a requirement to enable the safe and orderly return of students to school in September 2020.

Streetspace installed an ORION Triple Barrel Vault Canopy to provide 660m2 of cover for the Prep Playground, creating a genuinely multi-use area for teaching, play and events. Rubber crumb surfacing throughout the canopy area provides a safe, clean and visually attractive area for the younger students.

The second ORION Tensile Membrane Canopy alongside New Hall School’s Walkfares Performing Arts Centre is also a triple barrel vault design. At 42m width and 22m in length the canopy covers over 920m2 with the entire area surfaced in synthetic turf. Together these canopies create the largest sheltered performance and recreational areas in the School. 

The new canopy structures help enhance educational opportunities in the curriculum and co-curriculum, supporting increased outdoor learning and recreation with the proven benefits this can bring for both mental and physical wellbeing. By September 2020, New Hall School was able to reintroduce activities including sports, dance, performances and assemblies using the new canopy structures during a period in which these activities were not permitted indoors due to the pandemic risks.

Watch the below video to learn how New Hall School discovered the benefits of covered outdoor space!