ZONE Glazed Buildings

Managing budgets to try and meet the demands of a growing student intake is a challenge for many in the educational sector, often resulting in an acute shortage of dining or social space where the funding gap for new buildings is out of reach. ZONE Glazed Buildings offer a fresh approach to the creation of this valuable enclosed space. With unrivalled cost efficiency, our glazed structures combine the technical performance of traditional construction and swift installation of sectional units, with a unique design flexibility and architectural style.

Frequently located in modest and overlooked areas created by adjacent buildings, ZONE Glazed Buildings are cleverly designed to best realise the potential of your facilities and provide additional dining space for schools, for example. Our glazed buildings complement existing architecture, transforming underutilised areas into vibrant new bespoke dining and social space. Apart from the cost advantages when compared with a traditional build, it is possible to lease a ZONE Glazed Building in accordance with school procurement guidelines. This is a particular advantage when the income from increasing student numbers is not received until the following year.

ZONE Glazed Buildings can be designed as an entrance canopy structure, providing architectural form with year-round functionality as a welcome area. Other applications have included breakout space and school libraries.

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Architectural Design Flexibility
The Zone design form, with its vaulted interior and elevations glazed to the roofline, brings the benefit of natural light with a feeling of spaciousness, providing a distinctive architectural contrast to existing buildings.
Heating & Ventilation
Using DTM (Dynamic Thermal Modelling) analysis we design heating and ventilation systems to meet the year-round temperature and airflow criteria for the statutory use class. We then engineer solutions in accordance with this from a range of efficient air source heat pump climate-controlled systems to maintain a comfortable environment.
High-Performance Insulation
Advanced materials and building systems enable Zone Glazed Buildings to deliver consistently high levels of year-round operational efficiency, from an insulated composite warm roof, thermal curtain wall glazing and floor slab specifications.
Large Glazed Area
The light-filled ambience of Zone interiors is a result of extensively glazed structures, thermally insulated and designed full-height to the roofline. Significant eaves overhang from the composite warm roof contributes to the buildings solar shading.
Building Interface
Zone Glazed Buildings are designed to integrate with your existing buildings both in terms of architecture and usability. Engineered interface solutions are available for masonry, rendered finishes (including insulated types) timber clad and aluminium curtain walling systems.
Within the aluminium curtain walling design stage we can accommodate internal door systems for compliance with all statutory regulations and external sliding doors to facilitate alfresco dining and operational circulation.
Enabling Works
Streetspace’s construction delivery model provides a comprehensive project capability to undertake related civil engineering works, such as access ramps and stairs, surfacing and service redirections within the same package. This single point accountability results in less projects for you to manage.
Flooring & Finishes
With each Zone Glazed Buildings being tailored to the intended usage and budget availability, there is considerable scope to accommodate your flooring specification; from resin bound aggregate surfacing, to commercial vinyl that provides continuity with adjoining finishes.

Project Funding

There are significant cost advantages in comparing ZONE Glazed Buildings with a traditional build thanks to the modularised design and single source procurement model which is inclusive of statutory permits and all architectural, structural and technical design. It is possible to lease a ZONE Glazed Building in accordance with school procurement guidelines which can be a particular advantage when the income from increasing student numbers is not received until the following year. The knowledgeable and friendly Streetspace team will be pleased to provide advice on leasing options and you can find out more on funding availability for capital projects in the education sector here.

Why Specify ZONE Glazed Buildings?

Modular units rarely integrate well with the existing building fabric by their very nature. This can limit suitable locations, efficient use of space and even the intended use. Zone Glazed Buildings are cleverly designed to complement existing building fabric and add a touch of re-invigorating modernity. Our in-house technical resource brings to your project a smoother planning, design and construction process. This winning partnership avoids the risks associated with costly delays and gaps in communication, working as a cohesive, energetic and resourceful team.

Streetspace’s single-source design and construction model takes care of each aspect of your project in a seamless process. Offsite manufacture enables our build programme to accommodate your specific site requirements, including term time installation, with minimal impact on the organisation. Streetspace Total Project Delivery™ ensures that your build avoids those unforeseen issues that often result in additional costs not covered by the original funding. These can result in lengthy delays to the project, impacting on the day to day operation of the school, students and staff.

The Streetspace team boasts talented designers, experienced engineers, resourceful specifiers and partnerships with some of the industry’s best technical consultants. At the concept and planning stages, we can drastically reduce both your time to site and professional fees incurred, ensuring that your project gets off the ground without wasted resource or unnecessary hassle.

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School Dining Hall Extension at The Regis Academy

Glazed Dining Hall Extension, The Regis Academy, Bognor Regis

Dining Hall Extension at Catmose College

Glazed Dining Hall, Catmose College, Oakham

Glazed Circulation Corridor, Padgate Academy, Warrington