As sustainability strategies and urban planning evolve to reduce congestion and gridlock, the need for innovative, high-quality cycle parking products is increasing. Today’s cyclists should have confidence that their bicycles will be safely stored during work or school.

Secure and well-planned cycle parking facilities encourage more people to adopt sustainable forms of transport that contribute to reduced carbon emissions while promoting health and wellbeing. Providing cyclists with a designated storage area ensures that cycles are parked in an orderly manner and not causing obstruction to site users.

Sheffield Cycle Hoops, Rail Fixed at St Clement's Hospital

Cycle Hoops

The classic cycle stand remains one of the most popular cycle parking options due to its accessibility for a wide range of users. CENTAUR ST is the most economical bike parking option where the space is not at a premium 

Semi-Vertical Cycle Racks in Preston Road, Brighton

Semi-Vertical Cycle Racks

Arguably the most cost-efficient cycle rack per square metre, CENTAUR SV semi-vertical cycle racks use the available space in smaller cycle stores and internal building areas effectively without compromising security or usability.

Two-Tier Cycle Racks

Two-Tier Cycle Racks

Where available floor space is limited in relation to capacity requirements, the CENTAUR T2 two-tier rack system enables the maximum number of bikes to be stored with assisted lift mechanisms providing ease of use throughout the facility.

Specifying Cycle Parking

New developments will require a provision for cycle parking and the planning decision notice typically includes a condition which states the type and number of cycle parking spaces. Depending on the use class this requirement will be either long-stay cycle parking for staff of businesses and residents, or short-stay cycle parking for customers and visitors. There may also be a requirement for the cycle parking to be covered.

Limitations on the available footprint for cycle parking is often a challenge, particularly on high-density developments and there are cycle racks designed specifically for these applications. Where undercrofts are the designated cycle parking area there will be considerations around operational height to be considered.

The Streetspace team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and specification of cycle parking to help achieve the required criteria. Making it easy to specify exactly the right products, our downloadable CAD models include operational space requirements along with technical drawings and product data sheets for specific design and technical information.

Cycle Parking Types Available

Our CENTAUR ST cycle stands are typically used in outdoor settings, particularly with shelters and gated compounds, as a highly cost-effective solution. Both wheels and the frame can be locked to the stand with two locks, as recommended by Cycling UK.

CENTAUR SW Wall Mounted Cycle Racks are an excellent solution to consider when the available width for cycle parking space is limited, such as a narrow store or hallway.

CENTAUR SV Semi-Vertical Cycle Racks provide space efficient cycle parking at an optimum cost per square metre. The design enables narrower footprints to be utilised with cycles secured at 375 mm centres. CENTAUR SV is available in a number of standard configurations to suit the available space.

Two-tier cycle racks offer maximum space efficiency of cycle parking where larger numbers of cycles are stored using individual cycle trays at alternating heights on both upper and lower levels. CENTAUR T2 Two-Tier Cycle Racks are designed with integral gas-assist ensuring safe, easy lifting and lowering of cycles to ground level.

Cycle Shelters

Installing cycle stands or racks within a shelter obviously increases protection from theft and also from inclement weather. Where higher levels of security are required cycle stores can be specified in many formats from individual lockers to cycle hubs. There is a broad range of cycle shelters and stores available from Streetspace to suit the specific application.