Wingham Wildlife Park


Wingham Wildlife Park


ORION Barrel Vault Canopy, 13m (L) x 13m (W)

Looking to offer the penguins (and park visitors alike) additional shade in the summer, as well as shelter from rain; Wingham Wildlife Park required a canopy design that would combine design flexibility with attractive aesthetics. The penguin enclosure is a very popular area within the park and minimising encroachment on walkways and viewing areas in this high traffic area was key.

Following a successful restaurant canopy project completed early 2016, Streetspace worked closely with the team at Wingham to ensure the canopy design would maximise weather protection, clear space for viewing together with a clean, flowing style.

We selected the ORION Barrel Vault fabric tensile membrane design with its aesthetically pleasing steel frame structure with its symmetric form and clean minimalist styling so that the structure integrates with the adjacent selection of buildings and enclosures. An interesting design feature is the semi-translucent membrane roof cover which offers protection from UV rays with a 30% light transmission, creating a light clearspan area.

The project installation involved considerable care and coordination in part due to the site location; the penguin enclosure is located in the middle of the park and access is mainly narrow, pedestrian walkways, leaving limited options for access and lifting equipment. With installation carried out during January the winter weather conditions combined with soft landscaping surroundings required heavy duty ground mats to be employed for the safe use of specialist equipment.

Build sequences were coordinated with the park, ensuring there was no disruption to the wild animals in close proximity. Park keepers monitored the Humboldt penguins; and construction breaks were enforced before, during and after feeding times.

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