St. John Rigby College, Lancashire

ZONE Dining Space 12000mm (w) x 21600mm (l)

An increase of 150 pupils year on year is enough to put the facilities of most schools under pressure, and the dining hall at St. John Rigby College in Orrell, Lancashire during 2014 was no exception. With available budgets well short of a traditional build project, the discovery of Streetspace ’s innovative ZONE Enclosed Structure was a welcome one! We delivered a bright and spacious environment of over 260m² right alongside the existing dining hall without exceeding funds already in hand!

Specified with anti-sun curtain walling to reduce glare, and fabric façade sections below eaves, this asymmetric commercial glazing  structure has a very impressive appearance and fits comfortably with the surrounding buildings. The fabric façade allows a good level of air circulation in the warmer months, whilst the effective infrared heaters maintain a pleasant temperature during cold weather.