St. James Catholic High School, London


St. James Catholic High School


TRITON Symmetric Polycarbonate Canopy,
15m (L) x 13m (W)


St James Catholic High School in Barnet, North London initially contacted Streetspace to provide quotations for a new covered walkway between two of the school buildings. As the doorways of the buildings were not aligned, the walkway crossed the area diagonally and in response to this our Project Consultant proposed that we create a much larger covered area that would not only meet the immediate need, but provide additional breakout and social space each side of the walkway.

This canopy design was the option was chosen by the client, adding considerable value to the project and becoming a great success for the school.

‘Throughout the process from initial consultation through to the construction, we found all representatives from Streetspace to be highly professional and to have a clear sense of pride in their work. Our particular project was to provide a covered connection between two very distinctive school buildings. When I first discussed the project with Nigel Deacon on a site visit, he was keen to understand our specific need and to offer various suggestions, rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach. Nigel subsequently returned with a design solution and was again happy to take questions and our suggestions on board to ensure we were completely satisfied. We went through the due process of obtaining alternative quotes and Streetspace and were awarded the contract.

Further site visits followed to explain the installation process, confirm finishes and ensure that the timeframes fitted into the school’s expectations. The installation went extremely smoothly and was completed within the agreed schedule. The covered area has, in practice, surpassed expectations. As well as providing shelter from the elements for staff and students, the area is often used as an external learning space and there are plans to introduce an outside food service area in the location. Thanks to the time spent on the initial design, the covered area looks like it was always designed to be there rather than a late addition. Students and staff have voiced their approval of the benefits gained and all are amazed that such a seemingly simple solution was not thought of sooner. I would not hesitate to recommend Streetspace and I am sure that we will use their services again in the future.’

Sean McGovern, School Business Manager

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