Sandringham High School

TRITON Canopy 9000mm x 18000mm

Sandringham High School in St Albans invited proposals for a covered walkway between their two dining halls along with some canopies over outside seating areas. With a very significant level change to contend with you can envisage how this project could have turned out; with two covered walkways ascending above the sets of steps at each end and a separate rectangular canopy between these walkways to cover the picnic tables. Contrast this with the canopy design achieved by the Streetspace team! An ambient asymmetric structure spanning the whole space vastly increasing its usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

The School leadership Team have been sufficiently impressed to employ Streetspace projects to cover another area between buildings complete with a servery pod provide further covered dining and social space. A testament to the success of the environment created by a Triton canopy.