New Rickstones Academy

ORION Hypar Canopy – 8000mm (w) x 8000mm (l) – 7000mm (w) x 7000mm (l) – 6500mm (w) x 6500mm (l)

With a landmark new building from the BSF Programme, New Rickstones Academy in Witham had been considering canopy types for its finished concrete outdoor seating areas. These seating areas were designed in an informal oval arrangement as part of the landscape scheme and the new structures needed to work within the same layout.

PVC Hypar canopies were the perfect choice for their clear span, striking form and choice of colour to set off the building architecture. The braced fabric structure enables a simpler foundation design that could accommodate the many underground services in the area.

We used the H104 PVC membrane on the canopies with its PVDF coating to ensure the striking fabric colours can be maintained in top condition over the long term.