Midhurst Rother College, Sussex

TRITON Canopy 18000mm (w) x 25000mm (l)

The new Midhurst Rother College buildings in West Sussex were completed in 2012, and on entering the stunning reception area you can’t fail to be impressed by the large open atriums and sense of space this creates. Within two years of opening and a time that the College had not yet reached its design capacity, the dining hall was already insufficient in size to cope with the student numbers.

Overcoming this challenge, the client proposed covering a paved area 25 metres long and 18 metres wide at the rear of the school along with installing a food pod, could offer substantial additional dining space at an economical cost. Aware of the need to combine architectural form with the functional requirements, Streetspace worked hard to offer a solution that would look like it was designed with the buildings rather than a mere afterthought.

Kath Chard, Business Manager, recognised this:

“We chose Streetspace because of their excellent reputation and the outstanding design proposals”.