John Cabot Academy, Bristol


John Cabot Academy


TRITON Polycarbonate Roof Canopy,
30m (L) x 18m (W) – Max height 7.5m

The Facilities Team at John Cabot Academy in Bristol had experienced serious issues with narrow corridors obstructing the seamless flow of students around the school which, combined with inadequate covered dining and social space, particularly impacted on operations when the weather was bad. Designs for conservatory style extensions outside each classroom had been approved when Streetspace were invited to provide a quotation for the project.

Our Project Consultant could immediately see an opportunity to create a much more effective solution for the Academy at a lower cost. A polycarbonate roof canopy covering the whole courtyard area, enclosed on three sides by buildings could create a massive 390m2 of dining and social space at the same time as vastly improving access between the blocks. The obvious benefits were grasped by the Senior Leadership Team and the stunning structure now oversails the two storey buildings, providing a weatherproof environment with an impressive sense of space.

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