Gartree High School, Leicester


Gartree High School


ZONE Glazed Dining Hall, 14.5m (L) x 7.5m (W)

Specified as a multi-use building extension to address a shortfall in dining space, Gartree High School has found that the inspiring winter garden environment of their ZONE Glazed Enclosed Canopy provides many additional uses beyond the school day. These have included Governors’ meetings, Parents’ evenings, small working groups and even a wedding!

Gartree High School’s ZONE structure has a mezzanine floor installed with a spiral staircase and glass balustrade, adding to the versatility and appeal of this investment. With air flow analysis modelling in the design process, we can specify the ventilation and solar control measures that will maintain a pleasant environment in the summer months, and efficient infrared heaters installed for the winter. This is an enclosed structural glazing canopy that provides an all-year-round pleasant and airy environment that students have been found to select out of choice.

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