DAF Trucks Ltd, Haddenham


DAF Trucks Ltd, Haddenham HP17


Darling Associates

Main Contractor

Francis Hunter


metroSTOR Plant Screens

The uniquely flexible metroSTOR Plant screening system was used to enclose two large plant areas at DAF Trucks new UK head office in Buckinghamshire, delivering cost savings and programme improvements over bespoke structures.

Architects Darling Associates had designed bespoke structures to screen two areas: an electricity substation on the front boundary of site, incorporating a cycle store, and a large area at the rear of the site enclosing HVAC plant and including a bin store. With costs and programme time for site-built timber structures coming in much higher than projected, consultants Francis Hunter asked Streetspace to provide a modular option.

Using a standard modular panel system, Streetspace were able to deliver a solution that visually matched the architects design (including pergola style roof timbers to screen the areas from above), was more competitive in cost terms, and required significantly less installation time on site. Both stores were installed in just over a week – a significant advantage compared to the six weeks projected for a timber structure.