Crestwood School, Dudley

TRITON Canopy 7000mm x 21000mm

The Headteacher at a Crestwood School in Kingswinford envisaged a transformation of the unsightly dead space between the school buildings into a stunning area for social activity and quiet study. The environmental improvements would include raised planters, new surfacing and canopies.

To create a coordinated feel, the Streetspace design team proposed a 6m wide Triton canopy between the two buildings to serve as both a covered walkway and dining space, and went beyond their brief to illustrate a plan for the external works, avoiding the need for the school to employ a separate specialist. This had to be scaled back somewhat to fit the budget, but the canopy with its timber post cladding to match the new furniture and raised planters is the focal point in what has been a very successful project for the school.