Colchester Zoo

ORION Shield Canopies 6000mm (w) x 6000mm (l) / 5000mm (w) x 8000mm (l) / 7000mm (w) x 10000mm (l) / 9000mm (w) x 7000mm (l)

Looking to increase covered space around their key attractions whilst minimising encroachment on walkways and viewing areas, Colchester Zoo needed a canopy design that could combine design flexibility and great looks.

They found the answer in the versatile ORION Shield tensile canopies for the new Penguin enclosures, Komodo Restaurant and Kiwi Kunes attractions.

Streetspace worked closely with their team to ensure that each canopy was designed to maximise both weather protection and clear space for viewing together with clean, flowing style. The 4no. Shield Canopies give a consistent design theme for the 210m² covered space they provide.