Brampton Manor Academy, London

ZONE Dining Spaces 270m² (East & West Structures 135m² Each)

Brampton Manor Academy in Beckton, East London had a very clear project brief for their dining facilities in 2013. To reduce the number of lunchtime sittings, two 100 seater standalone enclosed dining canopies would be required situated either side of the academy close to their existing catering facilities, with heaters and ventilation so they could be used effectively all year round.

In contrast to those canopy manufacturers offering an off-the-shelf design, the Leadership Team found a project partner that could help realise their vision with Streetspace. Our Project Consultant and Design Team worked hard to develop and continually refine the structural glazing design proposals until the Academy were entirely satisfied with the appearance, specification and environment that the proposed glazed structure solutions would create. From its radius standing seam roof matching the profile of adjacent Academy buildings, to internal raised planters with integral reservoirs fed by rainwater from the roof, the result is a tribute to this successful working relationship.